Welcome to the Department of ....

Welcome to the Department of Soil Science (DSS)

The Department of Soil Science (DSS) is under the Faculty of Agriculture (FoA) of the Sokoine University of Agriculture. The DSS has the main obligation of providing training to both undergraduate and postgraduate students, consultancy and advisory services to government departments, farmers, private firms and NGOs on matters related to Soil Science. The DSS has well trained academic professionals, 11 with PhD and 3 with MSc. degrees. Nine qualified and competent technical personnel in the department who run a modern Soil Science laboratory.




The DSS wishes to affirm its position as a centre of excellence in training, research, technology development and dissemination of high quality programmes and services in the field of Soil Science.



The mission of DSS is to prepare its staff and students to be practical oriented for competitive services in the sector of Soil Science and strengthening its capability in contributing responsibly to the Tanzanian economy and the scientific world. The DSS mission will be pursued within the context of the overall Faculty of Agriculture and SUA Corporate Strategic Plans. The DSS will not be dogmatic in its mission but will make necessary changes from time to time when new opportunities and challenges arise.